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The links below are what you need to get statred wth the Auditmetris AI System. The video outlines the process of going from initial internal audit quality control to forecasting revenue using statistical methods. when downloading the free software be sure to access the data that is used in the book's case studies available in the "Getting Started" document.

Included upon request is a spreadsheet outlining:
IRS standards for statistically estimating tax deductions and credits.
Video - Auditmetrics System:
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      Auditmetrics V6.5 Professional
      Microsoft's  Full Powered Version:
 Getting Started Document:
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We will be pleased to serve you.
* Windows 10 & 11  Operating System Required
Auditmerics has aways been very versitile in its service to its clients. We  maintain the highest standards for sofware design and safety. Besides the Microsoft certification, our software also meets the standards for quality and safety. This certification process involes block chain technology that assures our software is safe from hackers.

A copy of our certificate is at the link:    Software Code Signature