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The links below provide documentation of the Auditmetrics AI System. The video link outlines the process of going from initial internal audit for managing cashflow to forecasting revenue. Additional links are to the Microsoft Store to download either the beginner or professional version of Auditmetrics V6.5. Additional links provide useful background. Included is an informative “Forbes Small Business Newsletter” article regarding small business failures and their solutions.    

Special Book Offer from Springer Publishing:
"AI Assisted Business Analytics- Techniques for Reshaping Competitiveness"

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"IRS Specifications for Statistical Audit of Research Tax Credits:"

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        Video Overview of the Auditmetrics System
       Auditmetrics V6.5 Demo:
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* Windows 10 & 11  Operating System Required
Auditmerics has aways been very versitile in its service to its clients. We do our best to keep up with new advancements such as the increasing use of data and statistical analytics in enhancing profit and loss performance. A recent article by Gary Schoeniger in Forbes Small Business Newsletter: "Five Reasons Small Businesses Fail, And How To Avoid Them"** offers a solution to DITCH THE BUSINESS PLAN!

Schoeniger states his premise in admittedly controversial terms to emphasize that the formal business plan process can rely too heavily on logic and easily create a false sense of confidence. Advancements in AI and statistical analytics allows for greater data driven testing of ideas. The key is to obtain unbiased assessments of proposed activity which has been the goal of Auditmetrics.

Auditmetrics founder has a long history of working with accountants to combine the disciplines of accounting and statistical data analytics, though the process has not always been smooth. A PowerPoint presentation outlines a history of growing cooperation. The slides are from a brief introduction to Dr. Boffa's course: "Healthcare Management and Finance".

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We maintain the highest standards for sofware design and safety. Besides the Microsoft Certification, our software also meets industry standards for quality and safety. This certification process involes block chain technology that assures our software is safe from hackers.

A copy of our certificate is at the link:    Software Code Signature